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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there limits to what I can i include on my Regal T-Bird?

A: No. In fact, the limit lies within the imagination and desire of yourself. If you prefer to stroll down the road in the comfort of A/C and a soothing fuel injected 302 c.i. or rocket through the countryside behind a massive 540 c.i. big block on an all-independent suspension system, you can do so.

Q: How do I obtain a brochure?

A: You can visit the 'Contact Us' portion of this website or call for a brochure, or download one here:

Q: Can I download Authentic and Custom packages as files?

A: Of course! There are links to download both Deluxe and Turnkey packages as PDF files under the Authentic and Custom sections of the navigation bar in the left-hand column. If you are unable to view these files please visit Adobe's website to download the free Adobe Acrobat software.

Q: How long will it take to build a standard Regal T-Bird?

A: Depending on the components you choose to include, a standard Regal T-Bird takes about 4 months to complete. Actually, many clients like to add upgrades or change the style of their Regal T-Bird during the building process

Q: Will any of your interior pieces fit on an original '57 T-Bird? (ie. Bench seat, glove box, door liners, window glass)

A: Where our REGAL T-BIRD resembles the original, we have not "duplicated" the original THUNDERBIRD; our door glass is slightly different, etc. However, many of our parts have been used in the customizing and restoration of these cars.

Q: Can I purchase a '55 - '57 T-BIRD frame from you?

A: Our "REGAL THUNDER"chassis is the most popular, offering an updated frame designed for rack-and-pinion steering, tubular a-arms, tri-angulated 4-bar in the rear and a wide variety of adjustable springs and shocks. For any horsepower from 200-1000. We offer any package from a bare frame to a complete rolling chassis.

Q: What other parts does REGAL ROADSTERS, LTD. offer?

A: You've come to the right place! We offer a wide variety of products for the '55 thru '57 FORD THUNDERBIRDS. From frames to chassis to body panels or complete bodies, we've got you covered.

Q: Can I pick parts up from REGAL ROADSTERS?

A: Of course! Our factory is located in Madison, WI at 301 West Beltline Hwy. See 'Contact Us' for more information. Look for the '55 T-BIRD chassis in the air!

Q: How long has REGAL ROADSTERS, LTD been in business?

A: In 1981 we started assembling a wide variety of kits including JAGS, COBRAS, MG's and T-BIRD. In 1985 we decided to focus all our efforts into the development of a High-Quality T-BIRD reproduction. Now we offer all 3 years of the "small, two-seater" T-BIRD in both Authentic and Custom form.

Q: What cars do you offer?

A: We build both Authentic REGAL -T-BIRD and Custom REGAL THUNDER in a '55, '56 and '57 style.

Q: What's the biggest difference between the '55, '56 and '57 T-BIRDS?

A: The '55 T-BIRD is the original design, therefore it has the cleanest lines. In '56, FORD added the Continental Spare Tire on the back bumper and changed a few trim pieces. Then in '57, length was added to the body, the bumpers were made more massive and fins were added to the rear quarters.

Q: Do you offer both Component Packages and Factory Complete automobiles?

A: Yes, we do. In fact, we specialize in supplying the REGAL T-BIRD in any level of completion. You can order the Deluxe Package, add a Rolling Chassis Option and finish it from there.

Q: What frame does the REGAL T-BIRD fit?

A: We specialize in supplying the REGAL T-BIRD in any level of completion. You can order the Deluxe Package, add a Rolling Chasses Option and finish it from there.

Q: What engine is the REGAL T-BIRD designed for?

A: While most cars are built with the 302 or 5.0 FORD you can choose from a small or big-block FORD or GM engine. We even have a few CADDY, VIPER and ASTON MARTIN lovers out there.

Q: What is the body made of?

A: We Hand-Laminate all of our bodies with the finest gelcoats, polyester resins and fiberglass reinforcing materials available. In fact, it's not uncommon to see our President walking around on TOP of a REGAL T-BIRD body at car shows around the country.

Q: How difficult is it to assemble the body?

A: The most difficult part of building any component car is fitting the doors, hood and trunk and mounting it on the frame. That's why ALL REGAL T-BIRDS are COMPLETELY Pre-Assembled and mounted to the frame prior to shipping. This guarantees the best fit and finish in the industry.

Q: Can I visit the facility where the REGAL T-BIRD is made?

A: I would be more than glad to show you around our facility. Just contact me at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule a specific date and time. We offer complete body packages as well as individual parts for the original '55 thru '57 THUNDERBIRDS. Where our outer body is identical to the originals, all latches and locks have been upgraded. Hence, inner doors are different, but can be modified to work on an original. We also offer quite a few "options" like Stainless Tube Grilles, Smoothy Chrome Bumpers to customize your car.

Q: Is there a limit to the choice of engines I can install?

A: No limits whatsoever. From a mild V-6 to a fire-breathing big-block, it's your choice.

Q: If I bought one of your cars, are there any problems with getting it repaired or things that I would need to do myself?

A: Our Factory Turnkey '57 REGAL T-BIRDS are built using all FORD running gear so service is a snap.

Q: I play a lot of golf, can I get 2 sets of clubs in the trunk, roof up or down? Would that damage the body?

A: I'm envious on the golf thing. Yes, two golf bags will fit in the trunk, just as long as they are not longer than 46" with the top up and down! No damage to the body unless it's after spending a long time on the 19th hole...

Q: I would like to have information and pictures if possible, on the frame, body, suspension, and drive train using a strong small block and automatic trans.

A: The "standard" '57 REGAL T-BIRD is built with a FORD 5.0L V-8, automatic 3 speed trans and all MUSTANG brakes/steering/suspension. A wide range of performance options are available starting at $1750. I've attached a few photos of the chassis, interior and in-process cars.

Q: What is the probable cost with proper vintage wire wheels, leather bench seat ,air, power windows and doors.

A: The original '57 wheelcovers are standard. The current cost of the KELSEY/ HAYES wire wheels are $1895. Leather seating and interior are by quote, ranging from $1450 to $4500. Air is $1695, power windows are $545 and power door and trunk locks with remote is $645.

Q: How is the roof lowered and into what area of the car, the trunk?

A: The softop, which is included as standard equipment, is manually operated and folds down onto the rear deck or comes off the car. We also offer a boot to cover it while in the down position and a "tonneau" cover to cover the passenger compartment while parked.

Q: Why would I want to build or own a REGAL T-BIRD when I can get an original for about the same cost?

A: If you want a beautiful piece of history, buy an original. If you would like a car to drive and enjoy with all of the modern-day conveniences, you want a REGAL T-BIRD. You deserve it!