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Regal T-Bird Component Package


Fiberglass Group

  Main Body Section (One Piece Construction: Floor Pan and Inner Liner Bonded into Main Body.) *Dashboard with Glove Box Installed
*Right and Left Doors with *Reinforced Inner Liners   Fan Shroud
*Headlight Bezels (2) *Glove Box Door
*Hood Panel with *Reinforced Inner Liner *Outer Windshield Surround
*Wiper Bezels (2) *Instrument Pod - integrated
*Trunk Lid with *Reinforced Inner Liner *Inner Fender Wells (4)
*Gas Filler Door   Upper Door Garnish (2)
  Armrests(2)   Rear Deck Garnish
*Front & Rear Gravel Pans  

Frame Group

  Jig welded 2”x4”   Engine Supports (2)
*Shock Supports (2)   Transmission Supports (2)
  Custom Space Frame *Rear Bumper Supports (2)
*Front Crossmember *Front Bumper Supports (2)
*Gas Tank Supports (2) *Steering Shaft Bearing Support

Steel Group

*Radiator Support *Door Reinforcement Bars (2)
  Bumper Brackets (4) *Front Cowl Reinforcement
*Trunk Hinges (2) *Door Opening Reinforcements(2)
*Front Body Mounts (2) *Steering Column Bracket Door Hinges (4)
*Trunk Hinge Brackets (2) *Body Mounting Plates (12)
*Hood Hinges (2) *Door Hinge Reinforcements (2)
*Trunk Hinge Plates (2)   Seat Track Brackets (1 set)
*Hood Hinge Brackets & Plates(4) *Door Latch Reinforcements (2)
*Rear Cowl Reinforcements (2) *Headlight Bezel Brackets (2)
*Gas Door Hinge *Door Hinges (4)

Chrome and Aluminum Group

+Chrome Steel Front Bumper *Tail Lamp Bezels (2)
*Backup Light Housing (2)   Authentic Grille Assembly
+Chrome Steel Rear Bumper *Window Stanchions (2)
*Turn Signal Bezels (2)   Rear License Plate Bracket
  Chrome Bumper Bolts (12) *Glove Box Lock & Hinge

Lighting Assembly Group

*Headlight Assemblies (2) *License Plate Lamp Assembly
*Taillight Lens Assemblies (2) *Backup Light Lens Assemblies (2)
*Parking Light Lens Assemblies (2) *Under Dash Courtesy Lamp

Upholstry & Trim Group

  Floor, Lower Firewall and Rear Boot Carpeting & Pad   Contoured Windshield Safety Glass
  Right & Left Front Kick Panels   Armrest Covers & Pads
  Complete Foam Seat Assembly   Windshield Installation Kit
  Right & Left Rear Side Panels   Weather-strip Package
  Complete Vinyl Upholstery Package for Bench Seat   Right and Left Door Panels
  Dashboard Cover and Pad *Rubber Body Mounts (set)
  Upper Door Garnish Covers *Adjustable Hood Bumpers (4)
  Instrument Pod Cover *Trunk Lid Gas Supports

Regal T-Bird Component Package Options

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